Our Services

These are the key services we offer:

  1. • Limited company formation
  2. • Sole propriatorship
  3. • Partnerships
  4. • Company profiles
  5. • Tax compliance
  6. • Company dissolution
  7. • Change of partners
  8. • Forex trading
  9. • Marketing
  10. • Financial advisory
  11. • Market survey
  12. • Business processes outsourcing
  13. • Company mergers and acquisitions
  14. • Asset optimization
  15. • Corporate branding

  1. • Strategic plans
  2. • Business plans
  3. • Human resource recruitment
  4. • Project management
  5. • Human resources training and development
  6. • Real estate management
  7. • Airbnb management
  8. • Logistics and supply chain management
  9. • Business management
  10. • Risk management
  11. • Leadership and team building
  12. • Monitoring, evaluation, and learning
  13. • Community mobilization

  1. • Academic writing training
  2. • Article writing training
  3. • Concept papers
  4. • Proposal writing
  5. • Data minning
  6. • Data collection
  7. • Data analysis
  8. • Report writing
  9. • SPSS training
  10. • STATA training
  11. • R training
  12. • Minitab training
  13. • Baseline surveys
  14. • Market research
  15. • Customer satisfaction surveys
  16. • Employee satisfaction surveys

  1. • Web design and development
  2. • Mobile apps development
  3. • Graphics design & animation
  4. • Custom software development
  5. • USSD and SMS-based systems
  6. • ERP and POS integration
  7. • Search engine optimization
  8. • Computer repair & maintenance
  9. • Computer networking
  10. • Digital marketing
  11. • Game design & development
  12. • ICT supplies and installation

  1. • Concept design
  2. • Preparation of drawings
  3. • Construction project planning
  4. • Construction management
  5. • Project monitoring

Featured Work

Here are some of our latest work:

  • ICT


Pricing Plans

These are our charges for various services:

Business Consultancy

From $19

  • Depending on the Business Consultancy Service
Management Consultancy

From $39

  • Varies based on the Management Consultancy service
Research Services

From $49

  • Price based on the nature of Research Service
ICT Services

From $39

  • Price based on the nature of ICT Service

About JO&Al

Joshua Omolo & Associates Limited (JO&AL) is a knowledge-based company whose clarion call is to “help people and businesses get out of the cubicle and create wealth.” The company has combined different methods of making money to create effective resources for beginners and experts.

The focus is to conform to the global changes brought about by information technology. JO&AL’s commodity of trade is “Knowledge”. We are a reflection of a transformation that is taking place in our national and global society. Currently, learning is continuously being redefined for formal and lifelong learners in both public and private sectors.

Consequently, we deal with affiliates, advertisers, agencies, and entrepreneurs. Our private fora coach individuals interested in leveraging their careers for business.

JO&AL was initiated by the director who took initiative to use the knowledge he acquired when he was given “power to read and to do” to generate income. The company started as a research firm that help individuals and businesses stay focused in their goals. The firm currently has a team of professionals in different fields.

Our Vision: A world-class knowledge-based firm empowering people and businesses to create wealth.
Our Mission: To empower people and businesses to use their knowledge to escape the cubicle and create wealth.

Integrity is at the heart of our practice entailing honesty, fairness, trust, mutual respect, consistency, accountability, and transparency in dealings with our clients and team.
Creativity will give us competitive edge in innovation and research by providing affordable solutions to our clients using information technology.
Excellence is the standard of our efforts in providing services that exceed expectations in every endeavor and practice.
Commitment is our characteristic trait in dealing and conducting business with our clients.
Teamwork is our strength, which lies in creating synergies that help us work and coordinate with our global networks.
Enterpreneurship is our mindset to escape the cubicle and empower people and businesses to create wealth.
Flexibility is key since our products and services will adjust to changing global circumstances.

JO&AL is focused on knowledge creation, acquisition, learning, use, sharing, integration, exploitation, and protection to achieve economic independence. It is learning organization that focusses on developing over time, and creating opportunities for motivating learners to create and acquire wealth. We expect our clients to continually become learners as they use our products. This aspect entails a radicle change in their thinking to escape the cubicle and use their learning experience for profit. Therefore, we focus on skill development and job creation.


What Clients Say
About Us

JO&AL has had a great impact on organizations and individuals across the globe. Most of them have given us five-star ratings.

This is what some of what the clients have to say.

“JO&AL-Knowledge Experts taught me about Academic and Content writing. I am now self-employed and with many clients and am now living a comfortable life. Furthermore, I have been able to recruit a few graduates to be part of my team and they can now fend for themselves.”

Miss Catherine Mwanyumba
Academic and Content Writer
( 2 Reviews )

“Through the Business Consultancy Services offered by JO&AL, I have been able to incorporate a Limited company, brand it from scratch and get clients. I now run a reputable enterprise thanks to Jo&AL”

Mr. James Otieno
( 7 Reviews )

“JO&AL has assisted our firm in employee recruitment, conducting employee satisfaction surveys. and formulating strategic plans for our organization.”

Mrs. Alice Njoroge
Human Resource Manager
( 11 Reviews )

Meet The Team

Our dedicated and hard-working team


Joshua Omolo

Founder and Managing Director

Elisha Aywak

Technical Director

George Gikaru

Business Development Manager

Fredrick Mokua

Building and construction Consultant

Louisa Sakini

Research Consultant

Alice Mwasaka

Trainings Coordinator

Esther Mary

Research Consultant (Intern)

Our Partners


No opening at the momment. Kindly email your CV to careers@joandal.com to be added to our database for future consideration.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company is involved in various corporate social responsibility initiatives. The main focus is in education, environmental sustainability, and career development.


JO&AL is committed to supporting universal education, as stipulated in one of the eight Millenium Development Goals (MDGs).

Environmental Sustainability

JO&AL strives to conduct business in a way that does not compromise the needs of future generations.

Career Development

The main focus of JO&AL is wealth creation, which is best achieved through continuous career development.


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